Scooba diving in the Lake of Constance

Scooba diving in the Lake of Constance

The Lake of Constance is an excellent place for scooba diving and all kinds of water sports. Scooba diving is one of the most popular sports in the area.

Whether the adventurous steep walls of the Devil’s Table or the cozy sandbeds which are the habitat for many species of fish. There is much to discover.

Beginners should have guides, do to some of the very steep areas of the lake. We therefore suggest the various diving areas and also experienced scooba diving schools. Beginners can in a short time have a scooba diver registration.

Scooba Diving Schools on the Lake Constance offers:

- Daily exercises at various sites
- Technically good filling stations
- Boats for diving and escursions

Scooba Diving Schools, Lake of Constance

Scooba Diving Schools on the Lake of Constance

Diving center in Neuhausen

Scooba Diving School on the Lake of Constance in Meersburg

Tina´s Scooba Diving School at Insel Reichenau

Pro Marine Tauchsport in Radolfzell

Rene´s Scooba Diving School in Überlingen

Tauchsport OHG Lindau

Scooba Diving Shop Uhland in Horn (CH)

Scooba Diving School Kreuzlingen Vollmeier Sport
Romanshorner Str. 52
CH-8280 Kreuzlingen
Tel.: +41 (0) 71.6886969

Divecorner in Frauenfeld (CH)

We wish you relaxing holidays at Lake Constance
Scooba diving in the Lake of Constance


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